We encourage everyone to Volunteer 2 hours a month and make a difference!

2024 Pay it Forward Project Grants available

2024 Pay it Forward Project Grants available

New 2025 Pay it Forward Project Grants available

1. Scholarships, We will grant several scholarships to high schools students every …
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High school student grants

Watch for new 2024 students grants starting in the fall
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What we do at Pay It Forward Project

Community Organization

At the Pay It Forward Project, We encourage our community members and our youth to get out and build a stronger community. through volunteerism. We fund and assist organizations that support and build a better world by stepping up and making a difference. 

Mission Statement

The Pay it Forward Projects is dedicated to improving our communities by encouraging everyone to volunteer a minimum of two hours per month to build stronger communities, we encourage community improvements as well as service to others by volunteers. We ...